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On Jan. 7, 2014, Weber State University celebrated its 125th anniversary, and for this institution, that means a “lifetime of close cooperation between a school and a city,” as a local newspaper reporter described it. The desire to engage with and provide opportunities for the community dates back to 1889, when locals rallied around a fledgling academy to help get it off the ground. They wanted to give their children an education, their town an opportunity to grow and progress. What they did was give Weber State a solid foundation, from which we’ve built a university that prides itself in quality teaching. What they did was create a deep connection, from which we’ve built a university that continually serves the community. Today, through wonderfully diverse programs, Weber State University continues to enrich lives in the community. In 2008, WSU was awarded the prestigious Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement, acknowledging the university’s long-time commitment to the greater Ogden community, the region, the state, the world.

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